• Avishek Kataria

The perfect answer to the Purpose of Life

After years of reading and thinking, here is what I found to be the perfect answer to the purpose of life.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that for a long time he has been thinking about what is the purpose of life. Recently I have met many other people like him, who keep thinking about the same. As I am traveling and have a lot of time to kill, I thought let’s try to find the most appropriate answer to the most complicated question of life.

“The purpose of life is certainly not to waste time thinking on what is purpose of life”

purpose of life

If you get to know everything about life then there would be no thrill and fun left. There are some things better unknown and unsaid. Life is an adventurous journey that ends where it started. Even the universe may end where it all started. So, the question is what really matters and why the hell you working so hard. The ugliest fact of life is that the things that really matter are least spoken.

“Realize the most amazing fact that everything around you is created by people like you”

If you realize the most amazing fact that everything around you is created by people like you, then your life and your thoughts will surely change. It shows you the infinite capabilities of you as a human being. All the innovations, creations and evolution of world with time are because of the purpose of the life of people from previous generations who were just like you. Each generation leaves a base for the next generation to grow from. If there would have been no actual purpose in life, then you still would have been living in an uncivilized society, with zero knowledge of things and simply walking around nowhere while wearing tree leaves.

That is why there is a system of education, work, and retirement. Education is to get knowledge on the creation by the previous generations, work is to use that knowledge and contribute towards the growth of the world and leave your thing behind, and retirement is to enjoy what you and others have created. But this system has become so automated that the most important aspect of it has been ignored, what each one of us stands for and what each one of us has in us that we can contribute to the growth of the world. Each one of you has a special talent or skill set. You have immense potential, as human beings were born to be magical. But with being so busy you may never get to know your true potential and identity.

“Actual purpose of life is to find your true potential, work on it, master it and gift it to the world in some way”

The things that you do out of your potential and work that you will create will always remain in this world. Your work will be the base for future generations to use their potential on, that’s how the world will grow and evolve. It doesn’t mean if you find your skills and talent, you will easily be able to do amazing things. You need to focus on the words “master it”. You need to work hard on your skills, expertise it and gift the services out of it to the world.

“In the end, your existence is temporary and the things that you will create or work on will remain forever.”

I have a simple equation/relation on life that I will love to share it with you, a simple give and take mechanism. You need to give the work and creation of your talent to the others and you need to enjoy work and creation of other’s talent. You are meant to enjoy and utilize the things and people around you, and also you are meant to be of some use to the world.

The things that you do have a direct or indirect impact on lives of others. It might not be even visible to you; similarly, things that others do have an impact on your life. That is the circle of life and the wonderful magic of life.

“Create the story of your life that you are meant to”

On the last hour of your life, the biggest regret will be not able to create a story of your life that you are capable of. So, please stop being busy and think what you are capable of and what you really want to do. The things you are capable of are the things you really want to do and are passionate about.

Kill all your inhibitions and take the first giant step towards your purpose of life. Otherwise, the song that you could have sung to the world would remain unsung forever.

I hope this article has helped you in some ways.