• Avishek Kataria

New Perspectives of Life - Post Corona World

COVID-19 has changed our mindset and developed new perspectives on life. Here, I am listing down the common new perspectives of like for post-Corona World.

Just a few weeks back, our world was going well and our plans were drawn out. Yes, there were a few troubles but in today's time, they seem so unimportant. My life was also going well and I was doing fine, enjoying the in-between moments of life. But, in a snap, everything quaked and my life, like yours, completely changed. It shook many of my belief systems and made me question certain things in life, and it changed a few of my perspectives on life.

Listing down a few new perspectives I gained about life for post Corona world. I hope it adds value to your life in some way.

The Uniqueness of Nature

For years, we have believed ourselves to be the greatest and the most powerful species on the planet. We are the ones who have captured most of the space on Earth and are utilizing the maximum amount of resources.

As a species, we consider ourselves as the important ones who are pushing the world forward and are the ones without whom the world cannot run.

However, nature just showed us how a small microorganism can completely shatter and disrupt human life. It has caged us all indoors. It challenged our Human egos.

It made me think that with respect to nature there is nothing big happening in the world. This huge problem is in our world only and most of the other species are doing fine or perhaps better.

We keep saying that we are doing everything to improve our lives and our world, however, it is just a lie that we have been telling ourselves. Whatever we are doing is only for our species and not for the world or in any way for the betterment of the world.

For the world, it does not matter if a human goes to Mars or if it builds robots, all it needs is to be rich and beautiful for every species. All these things are just our playtime in the world.

This understanding that for nature we are equivalent to other species and knowing that we are just an element of nature and not the owner of nature has humbled me down and made me respect nature in its every form.

Importance of Our Work

The feeling of change sunk in when the announcement of work from home came. As the days went forward most of the services were shut down and most of the companies became non-operational. I realized the world was going fine with so many businesses being non-operational. It made me wonder whether our work, something that we take so seriously and for which we fight and grind daily, is or is not that important to the world. It made me realize that the world will go fine without the existence of most of the companies. Most of the companies are into the business of just adding value to the world, it's just an extra topping or icing to the world, which is good as it adds more convenience and comfort to our lives. But the work that matters the most is what is essential for our existence like agriculture, healthcare, cleaners, security guards, transportation, and more.

Let's always appreciate and respect people and companies because of whom the world is functioning while we keep doing our work of making human life more convenient and comfortable, and let us use this awareness to deal with our work stress.

Eye-opening on the Impact of Environmental Issues

In recent years, there have been so many discussions and concerns on environmental sustainability and protection. Everyone is aware that we are exploiting limited resources and generating excess pollution. But it never affected our lives in a grand manner until now. Nothing has hit our face hard enough to make us feel this issue. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 90% of humanity breathes polluted air, and is, therefore, calling for a reduction in air pollution to cut down the rate of respiratory illnesses, thus preventing seven million deaths per year. It's a huge number but we can't feel it as till now it has not hit us on our face directly. This is the first time the whole world is witnessing and feeling how the environmental issue can affect the entire human lifestyle and how it can kill the economy in a snap, the same economy that we have grown by depleting the natural and limited resources. And most importantly, how it can hamper our health. The coronavirus that we have been talking about is not a new microorganism that has just got a new life, it may have been in the environment for a long time but for the first time, it has invaded the human system. I read somewhere that one of the reasons that humans got affected with the virus is that the gap between humans and nature has decreased. The more nature gets depleted the more such kinds of viruses will start entering the human system. Till now, I had not been very serious about conserving the environment. I was doing my bit by making sure electricity is turned off, water is not overused, and by not using unnecessary plastics. But now, maybe each one should do more and try to push environment-friendly practices and lifestyles to people around us. This is the time for each of us to wake up and keep the practice going even when things get normal so that we make sure things stay normal forever.

Precious Things in Life

With new services and technology, our lifestyle has completely changed. There have been so many extensions to our lifestyle with new elements getting introduced daily. Somewhere in between, we may have lost the awareness of the core and basic elements. This whole situation just shook me and made me understand what are the basic elements of life. It also made me realize that I can stay happy and have memorable moments by living inside my home as well. It made me discover the basic elements that I need to stay happy and peaceful. And most importantly it has blessed me with the most precious gift of life i.e. time. I got time to relax for a moment and to take a break from the chaos. It made me think about the life choices I had made in the last few years and made me analyze whether I am on the path that I was meant to be on or I lost the way in between. You should also take this time to retrospect. Even if you are the one with a job loss no one can steal or take away this time. This time is yours, so make the best of it. Also, start an exercise of practising retrospection at least once every year.

United we Stand

We all may want to skip the challenges in life but we grow the most in challenging times and as a result, we witness big changes around ourselves. If we take out the political conversations during these times, we will realize that there is a need in each one of us to unite and fight this together. There is a lot of care and concern among humans who are miles apart in different countries. This is the first time maybe each one of us wants every country to be safe and be protected as it will make all of us safer. By knowing the fact that each life can protect another life far far away, it has united us not as a nation or group but as one world. Let us stay united and try to build a safe and sustainable world.