• Avishek Kataria

My One Year Journey of a Startup

I cannot believe it has been a year of Indophile. Formally Indophile started a year back on this day but it was in creation for a long time. It started when we used to repeatedly watch patriotic movies like Border, Swades, etc. and dream of a developed India and wanted to play our part in it.

When we started Indophile, we never expected it to be so challenging neither we ever thought that we will become a part of the new upcoming thing called entrepreneurship.

I have never called myself an entrepreneur, I am just a starter, who has started to try something different and new. I feel this first year I was warming up, learning to start a business and creating a solid foundation to push forward in future.

The Last one year I have played a lot of roles with Indophile. I have been a labor for Indophile to a major decision maker and strategy creator for growth. I have delivered T shirt’s to customer’s doors and also carried huge boxes to corporate clients. I have tried out modeling and done photo-shoots. I have planned Indophile marketing to contacted various online magazines and retailers to creating posts for social media. We have spent nights in places like Tripur. It is a never-ending list, all in midst of my MBA classes and exams. It has been a thrilling ride and I am set for a lot more of it.

I am not the best finance guy nor the best hr person or the best marketer, I am just a dreamer who is trying hard to be bold and courageous listening to my insights and go with my gut feelings in the aspiration of succeeding.

One advice I would I like to give to all aspiring entrepreneurs is that initially when you plan it out everything seems easy but as you keep digging, it becomes more and more challenging. You need to be confident, carry a smile on your face and keep moving forward.And remember you don't need to be from any major college or have any major degree, all you need is to be part of something that makes people’s life easy.

We have risen high and fallen down on daily basis, but one thing that has always lighted me up and kept me motivated is the vision to create a fashion brand that not only makes you look good but also makes your heart feel good. One thing that always keeps me inspired is the fact that all we do at Indophile has a very small but significant impact on many lives like that of our amazing customers, farmers, girls in Jharkhand, orphans in Bangalore, etc.

I have realised that Greatness is the result of small tasks by lots of amazing people. An individual is nothing without the support of people around. I am greatly thankful to all the people who have worked, helped or supported in any way to Indophile. This was not possible without your support and love.