• Avishek Kataria

7 Incredible Habits to Stay Happy

A friend of mine usually gets frustrated very easily and keep whining that why I am not happy and keep asking how can I be happy. I used to voice him few random thoughts on happiness to make him feel better. It really worked for him and he is a lot happier now. I have listed down those thoughts, and I hope it will help you to have a better and happier life.

7 habits to stay happy

Happiness is an abstract thought. You can never explain or understand happiness. It's an emotion that can only be felt and enjoyed.

All the things that we do in life are to achieve happiness but happiness is not a milestone to be achieved or a destination to reach. You can never be completely happy, the same way you can never be completely sad. One of the thing that you should follow is that "Don't do things to become Happy. Stay happy and then do things."

Here are few daily habits that you can follow to stay happy.

1. Take Responsibility for yourself

Your happiness is your responsibility. Start to take responsibility of keeping yourself happy. No one owes anything to you in this world. It's your job to keep yourself happy.

If you are not happy don’t blame the world, but look within yourself and figure out what's stopping you from making yourself happy and work on it.

Make a decision with your heart that you will keep yourself happy.

2. Don't link your happiness to a single factor

There are a lot of things that make us happy like a Friday evening, the time you spend with your kids, going out for a vacation, and a lot more stuff.

Few of us make a mistake of fully depending our happiness on only one single factor. Like, we link our happiness only on our love or only to our work. When things get messed up or don't work out as per our wish in that single factor then we tend to get frustrated.

Like, I have linked my happiness to my work, love, family, friends, music, books, football, photography, movies and lot more.

Find various things that keep you happy and start practicing them. If one of the factors is not working well at the current moment, then you have a lot of other things to stay happy.

3. Self-Acceptance

We all have a tendency to compare our lives with others. Usually, we compare our personal characteristics, tangible or intangible things with people around us. This makes us feel depressed and it blocks our happiness.

Remember, each one of us has something special that the other person doesn't possess. One of the most important things to stay happy is to understand yourself and accept however you are.

Please accept the way you are and stay true to your values and character, you will start being happier and will appreciate yourself and things you have.

4. Don't Overthink

Most of the times in our life, we think a lot about different possibilities, we worry a lot on the most basic troubling question What If?

For a moment, look back to your thoughts and worries in past, and I am fully confident that 90% of those worries never even happened to you. It was just a scenario that lived in your head and killed your happiness.

So now, if you are aware of it then why not stop overthinking and worrying about things that are very unlikely to happen.

Have a plan for future, work on it but also try to live in the moment and enjoy the experience that life has gifted you.

Live life on a day to day basis and stop worrying about tomorrow.

5. Relationship with family and friends

As per a research in America, if you’re surrounded by a tightly connected circle of friends who regularly gather to eat, drink and share gossip, you’ll have much more fun and be a lot happier.

It makes you forget most problems in your life, in fact, you will make fun and laugh at those problems.

Make a point to meet your closed ones once a week.

6. Start your Day positively

Start your day on a positive note, by starting your day with a conscious decision that the world is great, you are more likely to stay happy even if your day doesn't turn up as planned.

Albert Einstein once said,

"The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”

Appreciate the good things in your life, and be thankful for living another beautiful day.

7. Value experiences than items

We all desire and want a lot of items in our life. At every moment of life, there is always a commodity desire in us, it could be a new car, or a new house, or an iPhone.

After owning the thing we desired and worked for, we tend to lose the value in it and we desire a new thing. It's a cycle in life which never stops and we always want something and are never satisfied.

But have you thought that once you own the thing you wanted badly, you don't have the same excitement or feeling that you had when you were working hard to achieve it? It's not bad to have such desires and own new and amazing things, but not at the expense of spoiling your mood or happiness.

You will feel happy while remembering your special memories or experiences like having an amazing time with your friends, or a vacation with your family and not by having an iPhone in your hand.

Value great experiences in life as those will always remain in your heart and are priceless.

I am not saying all these 7 habits will give you 100% happiness but it will keep you much more positive in life and will make life easier and enjoyable.

All I want you to always remember you have a choice. Do yourself a favour, choose to stay happy.

Happiness is a decision and not a milestone to achieve.

It's a Good Life. Choose to enjoy it and not waste it!!