What is the best answer to: "Why me?"

Whenever we think of “Why me” it means something bad has happened or something is not working in life, it's never because 

How can a startup company best evaluate market size and find the market data?

Simple ways to evaluate an approx. market size of a product or service for no cost at all.

Usually, it is difficult for a startup to do a research on market size. However, 

I am creative, intelligent, innovative, and philosophical. But I find it incredibly hard to actually get something done. How can I also become a doer? How can I find a balance between doing and thinking?

Being a doer than a Thinker is the one thing that differentiates between a Dreamer and an Achiever.

I used to face the same issue of being a Thinker and not able to

What are the 5 activities which you do with love daily?

After opening my eyes, I close them again with full alertness and consciousness to remember..

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